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Our society is complex, both inside of businesses and out. The environments within which we live and work are faster, increasingly pressure filled and more connected than ever. It is no surprise that people are stressed out, unsatisfied, unable to express themselves clearly, feeling trapped, or unable to achieve their goals. “Avoid your feelings and buy more stuff.” “Don’t let anyone see you have a bad day.” “Everyone else does it better.” “Your voice doesn’t count.” To all this negative talk we say - “There’s another way!”

Coaching has been proven to help people at all career and life stages achieve success - from entry-level to senior executive, from recent college grad to those re-entering the workforce later in life. When you spend time on yourself, you’ll get a space to truly reflect, to work on yourself and your goals, and to experiment with different strategies or styles. The results ripple not only in personal life, but across all aspects.

Results for our clients are:

  • lower stress levels

  • higher personal fulfillment & confidence

  • deeper connections with self and others

  • increased job satisfaction

  • higher employee retention

  • greater team effectiveness

  • increased career advancement.

Whether at work or during off-hours, we want to connect with people - really connect with people - to understand what individuals are passionate about and why. Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve yours. This means we slow down, collaborate, put our stuff (the good and the bad) on the table and work together to crush the limits we put on ourselves! We promise that this process does not have to be painful. It will be fun, fulfilling and adventurous (trust us, we experience coaching and being coached daily)!

Training & Learning

In a world where there is an over abundance of content at our fingertips, we owe it to ourselves to sift through the clutter so that our precious time is spent on what is truly informative and beneficial. Not only do you need the technical and tactical skills to perfect your craft, but in order to rise to the next level of success, you also need to understand your individual self and those around you. Education doesn’t have to be boring, and it certainly doesn't have to put you in debt for decades. At Crush Limits, we provide:

  • Unique experiences that pushes you to challenge, create and evolve:

    • Self awareness (your style, your purpose, EQ vs. IQ)

    • Exercises to break down fears, practice and fail forward

    • Tools to grow a network of connections- listening, learning and sharing

  • Workshops to connect people and ideas, concepts and tools for those at any level, including:

    • New Leaders/Managers

    • HR Admins/Generalists

    • Executives