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real resources for real humans


Crush Limits, Inc. was created to transform the resources given to humans. After years and years spent bridging business and people, we realized that there just aren’t many organizations focused on providing customized HR and general consulting services to individuals and companies looking grow, change or get compliant. Crush Limits is here to fill that gap. When we looked at the trends - an increasingly diverse employee population, an expanding talent gap with a multigenerational workforce, and an uptick in chronic stress (trust us, we know from experience) - we knew that we had to start thinking CREATIVELY to genuinely build solutions for real people. Limits are boundaries that we put on ourselves, our teams and our businesses…and we have the power to crush them!


ENGAGE: We thrive on doing the work and giving you the tools & processes to grow your business and focus on what matters.

ENABLE: When it’s time for you to take the lead, we can train your existing staff to execute, or provide a new hire that is trained by us and selected specifically for your business.

EMPOWER: Once we get you up and running, we are never too far away. We are only one phone call, one training experience or one coaching session away.


  • Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs looking to grow (in size or skills)

  • Individuals, freelancers, sole proprietors & entrepreneurs seeking training, guidance and services at a more reasonable cost

  • Small businesses or Companies that have never had, or lost their, HR or General Counsel talent

  • Companies that are scaling to sell

  • Organizations looking for unique coaching and/or training experiences for their teams

  • VC Firms or M&A teams