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Crush Limits offers best in class, client-focused, needs-based consulting services at highly competitive rates. With a focus on people, business and training, we partner with our clients in creative and strategic ways to solve problems and build solutions. Our model for success is simple - Engage the business to execute. Enable the team to scale. Empower progress through support.

HUMAN resources

The war for talent is upon us. As the employment landscape gets more diverse and complex, it has become increasingly difficult to find and retain the best talent. At Crush Limits, our services are designed to touch the soul of the organization while scaling business results. We lower stress and increase results in a manner tailored to your organization’s specific needs. Rather than telling you what you should be doing and comparing your business to others, we leverage our vast experience in global HR and M&A to be a true partner to the business.


  • Organizational Design/Development – Even if you know you have great people, is your organization’s talent structure designed in a way to maximize skills, abilities and individual career goals?

  • Recruiting – Are you using the most cost effective tools, processes and people to find and attract the best in a volatile employment market?

  • Compliance & Policies – Do the rules and regulations applicable to your business make your head spin and keep you up at night? Do you need help navigating compliance issues without being bogged down with lawyers and paper?

  • Performance Reviews and Actions – Are you getting the most out of your team? Do you have a process for managing conflict or performance gaps?

  • Compensation & Benefits – Are your rewards and pay motivating and keeping people, or pushing them to leave?

  • Change Management & Engagement – Does your team have the right balance of EQ and IQ in order to boost resiliency? Do you have a tribe that cares about your business as much as you do?

  • Culture – Could your company culture be strengthened in order to ensure diversity is fully embraced, talent is happy and engaged, and all are empowered?


At Crush Limits, we help you manage your corporate, compliance and organizational risks by working closely with your team to fully grasp what’s been done in the past and plan for the future. We take the stress and guess work out of deciding whether it is time to engage outside law firms or if you can keep costs down by managing internally or with other resources. Whether it is contract drafting, helping you negotiate more favorable agreements, analyzing security gaps, or finding cost savings, our approach to legal consulting is fully tailored to your unique challenges.


  • Contract Drafting and Negotiation – Are your vendors doing the best for you at the most advantageous rates? Are your customer contracts as favorable to you as you’d like them to be?

  • Risk Management – Do you know if your people, your assets and your business are covered on a bad day?

  • Employee Relations – Do you need backup for the stickiest of situations? Expect the best, prepare for the inevitable.

  • Intellectual Property – Are you protecting what’s yours and avoiding the infringement of others’ rights?

  • Data Privacy – Have you delved into the complicated web of data privacy laws? Do you know what information you store and if it is secure?

  • Business structure – Is your entity properly formed and up to date with all filings? Will this come back to cause more (think expensive) issues later?


Every leader deserves to have a thought partner that creates an authentic relationship founded in trust, understanding and confidentiality. This is necessary to explore who the leader really is and how/what makes them turn up. We know that if you dig under the surface of any great success story, you will find a support network grounded in guiding and coaching. Our belief is that everyone should have a coach - and we embed this practice with our clients and their teams. We bring consultants certified through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and Leadership Index (ELI). Working with Crush Limits individuals and teams will:

  • Practice skills of self awareness to uncover purpose and connect with others.

  • Explore a deeper understanding of the connection of EQ and IQ.

  • Experience a safe and fun environment where trying new things and thinking outside the box is common.

  • Learn useful models, tools, exercises to leverage with self and team growth.

Training & Learning

Training can no longer be “one size fits all.” With an abundance of information right at our fingertips, we have to think differently about the “how” and the “what” we are learning. Not only do people need the technical and tactical skills to perfect a craft, but they must also gain the skills to understand themselves and the team around them (social & emotional intelligence). Education doesn’t have to be boring or costly. At Crush Limits, we believe in learning through experience…authentic experience… and practice. Training with Crush Limits looks like:

  • Unique experiences build specifically for your team to challenge, create and evolve:

    • Team building (using the expertise of our certifications and first hand experience)

    • Exercises to break down fears, practice new skills and fail forward

    • Tools to grow a network of connections- listening, learning and sharing

  • Workshops to connect people and ideas, concepts and tools for those at any level, including:

    • New Employees or Managers

    • HR Admins/Generalists/Legal Support

    • Executives

  • Educational sessions tailored to your specific business. For example

    • Inclusion & Diversity

    • Employee Handbook/Employer Policies

    • Sexual Harassment